DICA offers Verification and pre-Verification Consulting Services to investment management firms.  Because of our investment background, we can help you on a consultative basis to formulate and/or document the necessary policies, structures, definitions, and procedures that will allow you to make a GIPS® Claim of Compliance and enable us to prove up your Claim through our external, third-party Verification.  We help you structure the documentation of your policies and procedures, as well as the tabular and footnote disclosures for your composites, as required by GIPS®.

The initial phase of your Verification project would include:

  • analysis and review of your existing methodologies, policies and procedures for the preparation and presentation of investment performance results;
  • recommendations of all necessary definitions, policies and procedures to bring the firm into compliance with GIPS®;
  • recommendations on performance presentation formats, including all required (and recommended) footnotes; and
  • the presumed issuance of a GIPS® Verification Report attesting to the firm's Claim of Compliance with the GIPS® for the relevant period (either five years or since firm inception, if shorter).

On an ongoing basis, our involvement with your GIPS® Claim of Compliance and our subsequent Verification of that Claim of Compliance would be:

  • a quarterly or annual review of your continuing Claim of Compliance with the established GIPS® policies and procedures;
  • a recommendation for the remedy of any possible non-compliant items; and
  • the presumed issuance of an updated Verification Report through the relevant period-end.

We are consultants and not accountants/auditors.  We are not here just to act as a "compliance cop"!  Our role is to help you with the Verification process and coach you to timely and successful completion.